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Support for university students who are:







Awaiting diagnosis

Not quite sure

We empower neurodivergent students with self-knowledge and support from peers and experts.

The world isn't fair. If you're neurodivergent (autistic, adhd etc) you're 3-10x more likely to drop out of university, you're statistically likely to underperform, and if you graduate you'll earn 50% less than your peers.


Why? Because a lack of support and adaptation means' you are 6x more likely to experience mental health disorders which critically impact your studies, and those without diagnoses fair even worse.

That's why our community-led app helps students:

  • Learn about their differently wired brains

  • Explore unique strengths,

  • Learn strategies to manage wellbeing

  • Get support from trained peer supporters 

  • Get advice from neurodivergent experts

  • Receive support with or without official diagnosis

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Poor wellbeing leads to poor outcomes

Our research with over 1000 neurodivergent young people confirms that new university students: 

  • have difficulties managing new routines

  • experience sleep and eating issues

  • become increasingly anxious and self-critical

  • show early signs of burnout and depression

  • question their ability to continue their studies

  • are 3-10x more likely to take leaves of abscence or discontinue their studies

With the right support neurodivergent students can shine

We believe that with tailored mental health and wellbeing support, neurodivergent students will:

  • Be more likely to continue with their studies

  • Achieve better academic results

  • Achieve great ‘self belief’ something something

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We support students 

  • Our personalised assessments empower every student with a unique understanding of their strengths, challenges and the strategies and adjustments they need to succeed at university

  • We offer evidence-based mental health support, adapted for neurodivergent brains by specialists

  • Our in-app groups enables students to share strategies with others 'like them', reducing stigma and loneliness, and improving self-esteem

  • We provide a safe secure environment, with in-app moderation and strict safeguarding protocols

  • We deliver positive bitesize psycho-education, designed with neurodivergent students

  • Our trained peer support coaches are supported by a team of SEND and clinical experts, armed with the latest best practice

  • Our mobile-first app enables us to deliver solutions affordably, and at scale

We support university teams

​We're here to help you help disabld students thrive.

  • The number of disabled registered students have doubled in 10 years to 14%.

  • Closing the attainment gap is a priority for the Office for Students

  • Whilst HEIs are not primary mental health providers, they must meet their legal responsibilities in anticipating and implementing adjustments which often include measures to safeguard wellbeing

How we can help you:

  • We offer support without formal diagnosis, so students don't fall through the cracks

  • We provide insights on the challneges your ND student population face

  • We host private in-app spaces for university cohorts where we can signpost your resources

  • We work with students engagement teams to ensure under-represented voices are heard

  • Our data can inform widening participation strategies and we support transitions

  • Our mental health and wellbeing support focuses on prevention, reducing the burden on constrained wellbeing

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