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Support for university students who are:







Awaiting diagnosis

Not quite sure

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A free, online platform to support

neurodivergent university students

Whether officially diagnosed or not, get mental health advice from experts, enjoy practical guidance on uni life from Uncommon guides, and join a friendly, supportive community of neurodivergent students at your university and all across the UK.


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Ask experts for advice, get work done together, and connect over shared interests with a calendar full of events designed to help you get the most from your university experience.

Participate at your comfort level in a friendly, low-pressure environment.


You don't stop being neurodivergent once you leave the lecture hall. That's why we help you navigate not just your studies, but also your relationships and life admin while at university. 

Our quizzes, games, and toolkits help you create personalised coping strategies for your unique circumstances. 

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Get connected with other neurodivergent students at your university and all across the UK. Ask questions, connect with other students at your university, and play games with people who get it.

Our amazing community is here to advise, support, and cheer you on at every stage of your journey.

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