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We would love to hear your feedback!

Your feedback will allow us to provide more sessions for neurodivergent young people in the future.

Time to complete: 5 minutes

1. Your details

2. Overall impressions


3. Outcomes for your child


Now that your child has attended sessions, how would you rate them for following things?

A) Understanding of their Neurodivergence and how it impacts them
B) Understanding of anxiety and how to recognise and manage it
C) Self-acceptance - feeling happy and confident about who they are
D) Feeling connected to other people my age
E) Confidence that there are other people who have had a similar experience to them who are now thriving

4. Session format

What bits of the session did your child enjoy? Tick all that apply

5. Future sessions

Would your child be interested in attending more sessions in the future?
Have you recommended Uncommon to anyone?

Are you happy for us to use your feedback in testimonials
We always anonymise identifiable information

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