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What we do

As a neurodivergent team of parents, educators and wellbeing experts, we understand the unique challenges that neurodivergent young people face, and how distressing it can be seeing your child unhappy, anxious, or fearful about attending school.That’s why we’re running a series of
FREE online sessions over the next few weeks.

These sessions will give young people the opportunity to

Group details

School Years 7 - 9 / Age 11-14 yrs

Small groups of 8 - 10

On Zoom - attend with cameras off 


Multiple dates and times 


ASD  + ADHD no formal diagnosis required

  • Connect with others who understand and share their struggles

  • Understand the unique challenges they face as neurodivergent people

  • Take part in tasks and learn techniques that will help improve their comfort and confidence.

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Confidence and
Connection Sessions

Free online sessions for ADHD and autistic young people in years 7, 8 and 9 who experience school  phobia or emotionally based school avoidance

Not in years 7 - 9? Join the waitlist for future age groups

A 3 session programme for young people in Years 7-9

Programme outline

Session 1

Rebuilding confidence

  • We’ll be reflecting on our own unique strengths and what they bring to the world.

  • We will be working on getting comfortable and settled in.

  • There are no expectations on young people. If they do feel comfortable to take part we will support them to do so through a range of means including messaging, and interactive experiences.

Session 2

Understanding and Managing Anxiety

  • We’ll explore why and how anxiety can be different for ADHD and autistic people, and different ways we might approach anxiety and work with our brains.

  • We’ll talk about thinking styles and explore tools to help us in a variety of situations.

Session 3

Feeling positive about building and managing relationships

  • We’ll be discussing how being autistic or ADHD can impact making friends, maintaining relationships, and being a part of a community.

  • We'll learn ways that we can build connections with others using our unique neurodivergent strengths

  • We'll practice a couple of tools and techniques to help develop relationships that work for you.

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Book your spot

Our confidence programme is 3 weeks long, with sessions running at the same time each week. If you're child is anxious, and might benefit from a 'taster' session with low- or no- interaction, please signup using the waitlist below.

1.Select a session

If you don't see a time that works for you, or your preferred group is full, please sign-up to our waitlist. We start new groups each week, and you'll be the first to hear about new dates.

2.Book online

View the full course details and complete the booking form from the following page. You'll receive a booking confirmation via email and text message

3.Complete survey

Before your session we need you to complete a few onboarding questions, so we've got all the information we need to support you and your child.