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Wellness support for neurodivergent young people



Unleash Uncommon

We’re on a mission to give neurodivergent young people the tailored support they need to embrace their strengths and face their challenges as they journey into adulthood.


We work with clinical experts and neurodivergent people to create solutions that actually work for neurodivergent brains. 


Whether you're officially diagnosed or not, you’ll be able to access on-hand mental health support, practical guidance and a network of friends to support you through your journey.

Tools +


Learn evidence-based techniques and strategies to improve self-confidence and mental wellbeing in an engaging and low-pressure environment.

Accessible Sessions

Camera off or camera on, fully involved or just listening in - our virtual sessions are accessible anywhere and designed to support young people to participate at their comfort level.

Connection + Community

We help young people feel less isolated in their struggles by connecting with peer mentors and other young people facing similar challenges in our our 6-8 person group sessions.

led Design

Our materials are designed and delivered by neurodivergent clinicians and educators, and are tailored to address the unique strengths and challenges faced by neurodivergent young people.

Interested in signing up to sessions? Visit our Booking page to sign up or join our waitlist

Built by Uncommon minds

Founded by neurodivergent co-founders, Kirsten Jack and Sascha Evans, Uncommon Minds is built for, and by, neurodivergent people.

We believe the best way to create solutions that work for uncommon minds, is to include those who have uncommon minds.

That's why we've built a neurodivergent-first team of wellbeing experts, clinicians, educators and product design specialists, ensuring that our products and services are designed with lived experience perspectives in mind.


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