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Wellness support for neurodivergent university students


Unleash Uncommon

Uncommon is on a mission to help every neurodivergent student thrive at university. 


We work with clinical experts and neurodivergent people to create solutions that actually work for your brain. 


Whether officially diagnosed or not, you’ll be able to access on-hand mental health support, practical guidance and a network of friends to support you on your journey through higher education.


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Built by Uncommon minds

We’re Kirsten and Sascha, the neurodivergent co-founders of Uncommon.


We started this project when we realised that, despite going on to have successful careers, we both really struggled with mental health and university as young people.


When we looked into it, we saw that neurodivergent university students are still struggling. We want to change that. 


We’re working with world class mental health experts and current neurodivergent students to make sure no one else has to struggle alone like we did. 


Interested in working with us? We’re building a neurodiverse team. Send us an email at

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