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Video Production Club starts June 4th

Tuesdays I 6-7pm I Ages 11-14

Learn the art of video production, from storyboarding to editing, and create amazing collaborative projects with ND peers.

What to expect

Dreaming of becoming a filmmaker? Join our Video Production Club and turn that dream into reality! Led by experienced mentors, our sessions cover everything from storyboarding to editing, offering hands-on projects and guidance. With opportunities to showcase creations and celebrate achievements, your child will develop confidence and skills in a supportive community.

Why join?

🎥 Develops technical skills in video production, from filming to editing.

🤝 Encourages collaboration and teamwork as club members work on projects together.

💪 Boosts confidence as club members showcase their creative talents and ideas.

🧠 Stimulates creativity and problem-solving through storytelling and visual expression.

😊 Provides a platform for self-expression and sharing stories in a supportive community.

What families say

We'll share parent reviews with you once this club has launched!

In the meantime here's what families say about similar clubs:

"'D' engaged really well once the instructors got his imagination going. Today he was able to share his work with the camera on his face - major progress!" 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

"My child doesn't always cope well with things like classes as she finds the instruction hard. She really enjoyed this though as she wasn't being told what to do." 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

"'M' has acute anxiety and the positive environment was really positive for her" 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

How sessions work

In Video Production Club we undertake multi-week projects that build skills, whilst creating an exciting and unique video. In each session we'll recap what we've learnt in our project so far:

  • Mini-Brief: The session leader introduces the mini-brief for the day, which includes new technical skills we'll be practicing. This is followed by a short discussion where each club member considers how they might apply these new techniques to their individual or group projects.

  • Practice Time: There’s ample time during the session for members to practice the new technique, using footage or assets they’ve created previously.

  • Homework: At the end of each session, optional homework is set, which might include gathering additional footage, practicing the newly learned skills, or continuing work started during the session.

What you'll need

We will use a variety of readily available software in class. Before each session, information will be shared on any software you'll need to download and install before class. Where possible we strive to use software that is free, or extremely affordable in order to keep costs down.

Meet your Session Leader

Lights, camera, action! Join Mivi in the Video Production Club, where creativity takes center stage! With her knack for organizing fun and friendship, Mivi guides club members through every step of the filmmaking process, from storyboarding to editing, in a supportive and collaborative environment.


Video Production Club costs £20/session, and we recommend you signup to 3-6 sessions in order to follow our multi-week projects!

If you love this Club and want to make savings get 15-20% off sessions with our multi-pass . Purchase your pass, and then book onto the club sessions you want to join!


We offer large discounts for families on Universal Credit. Email to get your family discount code today.

For answers to common booking FAQs including how you can cancel and reschedule please click here.

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