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We're looking forward to meeting you!


Meet our session lead Sascha and learn about how your sessions will work in this 1 minute video

What to expect in your session


  1. We are all neuordivergent and so understand joining new things can be hard. There is no expectation for you to join in. You can sit and listen if you want to! 🧘

  2. You will never be asked to put your camera on ❌ 📷 .Some people choose to turn their camera on now and again. You can attend with camera on or off and communicate in whatever way works for you.That includes not interacting at all. 

  3. You can leave whenever you want 🚪🚶. If something doesn't feel right in the session you can leave there is no expectation for you to stay. Sascha will check in with your Carer or parent after to make sure you are ok. 

Any concerns?

We understand that starting new activities can be difficult. If you have any concerns, message us on (+44) 07883318385 or email and we're here to help find a way of making sessions work for your family.

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