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Do you have an autistic or ADHD child that struggles to attend secondary school?

As a neurodivergent team of parents, educators and wellbeing experts, we understand the unique challenges that neurodivergent young people face, and how distressing it can be seeing your child unhappy, anxious, or fearful about attending school.

That’s why we’re running a series of FREE online sessions to support you and your child.

We welcome waitlist signups for children year 7-13, with sessions for Year 7 starting this month.

No formal diagnosis is required to sign up

Check your email for confirmation

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For young people we’re running a series of 45-minute online sessions where they can:

  • Connect with kids who face similar worries

  • Take part in interactive tasks and games

  • Understand what’s behind their challenges

  • Learn techniques that will help them feel comfortable and confident


There’s no pressure to be on camera and we use a range of communication techniques. So if your child finds verbal communication difficult, they can participate fully without the need to talk.

"This is one of the few things I've done that has actually been written by and for people like me"
Sam, previous workshop participant

For parents we’re offering:

  • An introductory one-to-one session exploring your individual child’s needs, so we can tailor our group support appropriately

  • Online parent workshops where you can meet parents like you, and learn evidence-based techniques to support your child.


This is a supportive space, where we respect every child and family’s needs. No formal diagnosis needed for young people to attend!


About Us

Uncommon provides wellbeing support to neurodivergent students and their families.


We’re a team of neurodiverse parents, students, educators, mental health and wellbeing specialists. We have first hand experience of the challenges neurodivergent young people experience in educational environments, and we’re passionate about supporting young people and their families at every stage of their educational journey.

Meet the team -->>

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