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Are you purr-fectly sensational?

Updated: Apr 17

Just like cats, we humans have our own quirks that make us unique and sometimes, well, just a tad bit amusing. Welcome to the world of the Cat Crew, where we celebrate the extraordinary sensory experiences that make you, well, you!

Now here's a fun game to play with family or friends - sensory processing bingo. It's a great way to find out more about sensory differences. Check off the differences you relate you, and share your complete bingo card with a friend, sibling or parent! Then, read on below to find out what sensory cat clan you belong to!

The Whisker Wizards: Sensory Seekers in Fur

First up, we've got the Whisker Wizards. Picture this: a cat that can't resist the snugness of a cardboard box or the blissful touch of a soft blanket. These kitties are like the cuddly marshmallows of the cat kingdom. And what about those cats who love to pounce on a moving laser dot or chase their tail like it's the world's most captivating toy? They're the Sensory Seekers of the feline world!

So, here's the purr-plexing question: Do you find yourself constantly seeking out cozy spots or being captivated by moving lights and shadows? If you do, you might just be a Whisker Wizard in the making!

Paw-some Sensory Overload Specialists

Now, let's talk about the Sensory Overload Specialists among us. These cats are like sensory superheroes, able to detect the tiniest rustle of a treat bag from a mile away. They've got a nose for treats and an ear for the sound of a can opener.

So, do you feel like you've got the same super-senses as these cats? Can't stand noisy surprises or resist the aroma of your favorite snack? You might belong to the Sensory Overload Specialist clan!

Lost in the Sensory Maze

Ever seen a cat bump into things or go on a quest to find that mysterious sound from behind the couch? Congratulations, you've witnessed a Sensory Investigator in action! These cats are like furry detectives, exploring the sensory world with curiosity.

So, can you relate? Have you ever been on the hunt to find the source of that mysterious noise in the middle of the night, or do you sometimes feel vibrations like a cat with super-sensitive paws? You might just be a Sensory Investigator in disguise!

Texture Connoisseurs and Communicating Cat Champs

Let's not forget our Texture Connoisseurs and Communicating Cat Champs. Cats can be just as finicky about their fur as we can be about our clothes. Scratchy tags, uncomfortable textures – they've got their paws full! And if you've ever meowed at someone to "lower the volume," then you're part of the Communicating Cat Champs club!

So, do you relate to the trials of dealing with itchy labels or avoiding foods with textures that make you cringe? If so, consider yourself a member of these Cat Crews!

Pawsitively Sensational!

In the end, whatever sensory crew you relate to, tis is all about celebrating the quirks and amazing things that make each of us unique, just like our feline friends. Whether you're a Whisker Wizard, a Sensory Overload Specialist, an Investigative Paws expert, a Texture Connoisseur, or a Communicating Cat Champ, you're part of this incredible sensory adventure!

So, dear readers, tell us: do any of these cat-tastic experiences sound familiar to you? Are you a whisker wizard in any of these sensory realms? Embrace your inner feline and remember, you're a Sensory Star in this enchanting world of whiskers and wonders! 🐾

What sensory cat clan(s) are you in?

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