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Fun, social weekly clubs for *neurodivergent teens 

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*Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, SPD, PDA, Tourettes and all 'spicy' neurotypes welcome. No diagnosis required. Currently supporting 11-14 year olds

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How it works

Fun weekly online after-school clubs build confidence and friendships

No Pressure

Safe & Fun

Attend with cameras on or off. use messaging or chat

Engage via anonymous polling and fun tools


Led by autistic and ADHD tutors and peer mentors


£10 Tasters, £14-20/session, or subscribe monthly


Starts Feb 12

Art Club
6-7pm Mondays I 3-10 students

A relaxed space for artistic, creative types to hang out, draw or make together. Each week our neurodivergent session leaders set a loose creative brief to inspire the group. After sharing some ideas with each other, we spend time quietly drawing or making. Periodically checking in to see how each others designs are going - but with no pressure to share if we don't want to.


It's a really supportive environment, where we celebrate each others ideas and creativity and share tips on how to super-charge our creations. Perfect for doodlers, crafters and artists, looking for like-minded people, it's also a great space to connect and make friendships. 

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Starts Feb 13

Social Club
6-7pm Tuesdays I 3-10 students

Making and keeping friends isn't always easy. In our weekly social club we get to know each other, explore how friendships work, and build social confidence by finding approaches to social situations that work for us.


Sessions are highly neuro-affirming and combine psycho-education, with fun quizzes and games. Topics covered include making and building friendships, understanding emotions, navigating social interactions and resolving conflict. The space is safe and supportive, giving socially anxious young people the support they need to engage with peers and interact socially in ways that work for them.

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Starts Feb 28

Dn'D Club
6-7pm Mondays I 3-6 students

Join us for friendly, inclusive Dungeons and Dragons-style tabletop role-play sessions! Hosted by experienced neurodivergent Game Masters, these 90 minute online sessions are specially designed for Uncommon minds and are open to any level of experience. Players will embark on adventures in magical new places, working together as part of a team of up to 5 other players to find creative ways to solve problems, beat the baddies and make the world a better place for Uncommon minds.

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Starts Feb 29

Roblox Club
6-7pm Thursdays I 3-10 students

Join like-minded gamers for our fun and collaborative Roblox games club. Each session will be led by experienced neurodivergent gamers, who will introduce the game(s) for the session, and ensure players feel safe and supported. Sessions are run over zoom, removing the complexity and pressures that can come with interacting on a busy discord server.

Gaming is a great way to escape day to day challenges and is shown to help reduce stress. The structured, low-demand environment we create helps young people interact with peers and build new social connections. Interacting with other neurodivergent teens can also help build a sense of belonging, increasing self-esteem. Sessions are designed to be accessible to those in burnout - gamers who need a low-/no-demand space can choose to keep cameras off, play without talking or messaging with others or can just watch.

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What parents say

Parent of autistic teen (13)

Although nervous before each session, as the course went on those nerves diminished quickly. For me this is huge. After a year of Covid teaching online she'd had enough of video calls. But I think you may have changed her mind. They aren't all bad, and for this, a topic she is insecure about, not having to face others enabled her to have a more comfortable learning environment.

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