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🐣 Easter club 2-11 April 🐣
Roblox, Minecraft, Games, DnD, Art and Social Club Flexi-programme 
for *neurodivergent 8-15 year olds

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*Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, SPD, PDA, Tourettes and all 'spicy' neurotypes welcome. No diagnosis required. Now supporting 8-15 year olds

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Easter Schedule v3.2.png

How Easter Club Works

Fun online drop-in sessions, pay per session or *£25/day with our multi-session passes.

No Pressure

Safe & Fun

Attend with cameras on or off. use messaging or chat

Engage via anonymous polling and fun tools


Led by autistic and ADHD tutors and peer mentors


Pay per session, or save 25% with a multi-session pass!


Minecraft Club

Ages 8-12
£15 drop-in, £12 with multi-ses
sion pass

Enter the blocky universe of Minecraft! Join fellow adventurers to build, explore, and collaborate in exciting virtual worlds. From epic constructions to thrilling challenges, the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity soar as you craft, mine, and game together!

Tabletop games.png

Tabletop Club

Ages 11-14's
£15 drop-in, £12 with multi-ses
sion pass

Join us for an exciting online tabletop gaming extravaganza designed just for 11-14 year olds! Dive into a virtual world of adventure, strategy, and laughter as we explore a variety of imaginative board games together!"

Stardew Valley.png

Stardew Valley

Ages 11-15
£15 drop-in, £12 with multi-ses
sion pass

Escape to the idyllic countryside of Stardew Valley! Join fellow farmers to cultivate crops, raise animals, and build your dream farm. From forging friendships to exploring caves, there's always something new to discover. Get ready for a cozy and relaxing adventure in Stardew Valley!


Roblox Club

Ages 8-11 and 12-15
£15 Drop-in, £12 with multi-session pass

Join like-minded gamers for our fun and collaborative Roblox games club. Each session will be led by experienced neurodivergent gamers, who will introduce the game(s) for the session, and ensure players feel safe and supported. Sessions are run over zoom, removing the complexity and pressures that can come with interacting on a busy discord server.


Dn'D Club

Ages 11-14
£25 per session (induction session required)

Join us for these special edition Easter Club DnD sessions where we'll be playing one-off adventures designed just for Easter! Players will embark on adventures in magical new places, working together as part of a team of up to 5 other players to find creative ways to solve problems, beat the baddies and make the world a better place for Uncommon minds.

Book Now!

Pay per session, or select 'products/packages' below and save <25%

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