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Positive, affirming support for neurodiverse families
Giving you the knowledge to thrive

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Our Courses

Our online courses give neurodivergent young people, and their families, the knowledge they need to build confidence and manage stresses.

🌈 Affirming and positive 💜

  • Neurodiversity affirming

  • Nurtures your child's unique strengths

  • Supported by neurodivergent facilitators and peer

👋🏼 Accessible and Affordable 💲

  • No formal diagnosis needed to join

  • No waiting lists, affordable and easy to book

  • Free places available for low income families 

👨‍👩‍👦 Support that works for the whole family 👨‍👩‍👧

  • Convenient evening sessions, from the comfort of home

  • Young people participate however work best for them

  • Additional parent support sessions included

What our parents and participants say

The sessions are pitched just right. It was lovely to see him understanding more about his strengths.

Parent of Year 7

Interested in our courses, summer school or parent info session? Visit our courses page

Chat with the team

Book a 15 minute call with a member of the team and find out more about specific courses, how our sessions work, suitability for your child or answer any questions you may have.


Meet our  facilitators

Mekkin is our Lead Facilitator and an expert in delivering online sessions with neurodivergent young people. Both autistic and ADHD, Mekkin is a vocal neurodiversity advocate with a background in performance and storytelling.

Get in touch

  • Parents looking for support for a young person

  • Education or healthcare professionals working with young neurodivergent people

  • Organisations or individuals looking to partner

  • University students interested in becoming peer facilitators

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