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Our Courses

Our courses help neurodivergent young people understand their unique neurotype, build on their strengths and manage challenges.

🌈 Neurodivergent led (By our amazing peer facilitators)

👾 Choose your interaction (Cameras on or off, talk, type or  watch)

😻 Engaging curriculum (Designed for different learning styles)

🥽 Safety first (DBS checked and clinically supervised)

👬 Parents welcome (Join sessions, or support from a distance)


3 x 60 minute Zoom sessions

Years 7-9

ADHD and Autism friendly.
No formal diagnosis required

£60 for 3-part course

£10 Taster Session

Free places for low income families


Courses and Taster Sessions

Course 1:

Exploring My Strengths

Neuroaffirming sessions on building confidence, managing anxiety and navigating friendships

We recommend starting with this course, especially for those who may be struggling to understand or feel good about their amazing, neurodivergent brains.

Course 1 (3).png

Course 2:

Understanding My Brain

Learn more about sensory differences, executive functioning and how to ask for help and self-advocate.

We recommend this course for those who have already taken Course 1, or those who already have some understanding of their neurodivergence.

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Taster Session

Join our 30 minute taster sessions with your child to see how our courses work. Meet our friendly neurodivergent facilitators, try out our low-demand learning space and anonymous interaction tools, and learn about your unique neurodivergent strengths. Parents and young people welcome.

Wondering what's right for your child?

Our team are always happy to answer any questions about what we do, how we do it, and whether your young person may benefit.

Course 1
Course 1.png
👍🏼 Session 1: Building Confidence

​Our introductory session encourages young people to explore the positive aspects of their neurodivergence and identify their own unique strengths.

​😔 Session 2: Managing Stress

​Using a light-touch approach, young people learn more about the science behind stress, develop a greater awareness of how stress shows up for them, and start to brainstorm what they can do about it.

​👬 Session 3: Navigating Friendships

​Our final session encourages young people to think about what makes a good friend and the different ways we can show our friends that we care.

Interested in learning more about sensory differences, executive functioning, or self-advocacy? Check out Course 2: Understanding My Brain. Not sure if your child will enjoy sessions? Book a £10 taster session.

Course 1: Exploring My Strengths

A great starter course for those who are learning what it means to be neurodivergent.​
(We suggest starting here, but courses can be booked in any order.)

Learn more about how we run our courses

The sessions are pitched just right. It was lovely to see him understanding more about his strengths.

Parent of Year 7

Course 2

Course 2: Understanding My Brain

A more in-depth look at common areas of difference for neurodivergent young people. A great course for those who have already started their neurodivergent learning journey.
(Courses can be booked in any order.)

Course 1 (1).png
👀 Session 1: Exploring Sensory Differences

Our introductory session takes young people on an entertaining journey to explore how they take in and process sensory information, and what that means about their own unique needs and preferences.

​⏰ Session 2: Understanding Executive Functioning

​This session makes it simple to understand the differences that can happen in neurodivergent young people’s ability to plan, organise, start tasks and track time.

​📢 Session 3: Communicating My Needs

​Our final session encourages young people to take everything they’ve learned about their own needs and preferences, and gives them the communication tools to more effectively advocate for themselves.

Interested in learning more about  building confidence and navigating anxiety? Check out Course 1: Exploring My Strengths. Not sure if your child will enjoy sessions? Book a £10 taster session.

Learn more about how we run our courses

Book a Call

Book a Call

Book a 15 minute call with a member of the team and find out more about:

  • Our course offerings

  • How our sessions work

  • Suitability for your child 

  • Or any other questions you may have.

Our Approach

🙃 Designed for different learning styles

Learning comes naturally when young people feel at home. That's why we've designed our sessions to be relaxed and welcoming. Whether young people need to stretch, move around, or even fidget, they’re free to do what they need to engage best.

🌈 Neurodivergent led

Each session is run by two neurodivergent facilitators. They lead by example, sharing their own experiences of growing up neurodivergent. We create an environment where being neurodivergent isn't just understood – it's celebrated.

😻 Engaging curriculum

Our sessions are packed with valuable insights about being neurodivergent. We break down complex concepts into simple easy to understand ideas and use visual guides, making learning interactive and fun.

👾 Choose your own interaction

How young people participate is entirely up to them. Keep cameras on or off, share thoughts verbally or in writing, or just sit back and watching. We even offer an anonymous contribution option for those who prefer it.

🥽 Safety first

All of our team members are trained in safeguarding and have their Enhanced DBS Checks done. At the start of our session, we ask for an adult to pop onto the camera for a quick hello - this helps us know an adult is nearby. But don't worry, for our young participants, there's no camera pressure. They can choose to be on or off camera - whatever makes them feel at ease!

👬 Parents, Join us!

While participation isn't mandatory for parents, we love it when parents join in. Feel free to join us and observe, or even interact alongside your young people.

Learn more about how we run our courses

Our Approach

Mekkin is our Lead Facilitator and an expert in delivering online sessions with neurodivergent young people. Both autistic and ADHD, Mekkin is a vocal neurodiversity advocate with a background in performance and storytelling.

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