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DnD Club

Wednesdays I 5:45-7:15pm I Online

Explore new worlds with fellow Dungeons and Dragons gamers.

How it works

Join us for friendly, inclusive Dungeons and Dragons-style tabletop role-play sessions! Hosted by experienced neurodivergent Game Masters, these 90 minute online sessions are specially designed for Uncommon minds and are open to any level of experience. Players will embark on adventures in magical new places, working together as part of a team of up to 5 other players to find creative ways to solve problems, beat the baddies and make the world a better place for Uncommon minds.

About the session leader

Mekkin is our resident Uncommon artist and storyteller. She loves dragons, the colour purple, and using her neurodivergent mind to create magical new worlds to explore. There’s only one thing that’s more fun for Mekkin than creating, and that’s creating together with other brilliant neurodivergent brains!

Book Now

DnD Club costs £20/session. To join a quest, please book a single-session taster quest first, where you'll be welcomed to Uncommon's own Dn'D world, learn the rules and be ready to join live questing groups. To book a taster visit:

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