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Social Club

Tuesdays I 5-6pm I Online

Get to know new friends, explore how friendships work, and build social confidence in this friendly weekly club.

How it works

Making and keeping friends isn't always easy. In our weekly social club we get to know each other, explore how friendships work, and build social confidence by finding approaches to social situations that work for us.

Sessions are highly neuro-affirming and combine psycho-education, with fun quizzes and games. Topics covered include making and building friendships, understanding emotions, navigating social interactions and resolving conflict. The space is safe and supportive, giving socially anxious young people the support they need to engage with peers and interact socially in ways that work for them.

About the session leader

Kirsten struggled socially in school, finding the unwritten rules of friendship just so confusing! On a quest to work out how it all really works she's talked to over 2000 neurodivergent teens. She brings this thirst for knowledge and friendship, along with her love of puzzles, pizza and games to make Social club sessions fun!

Book Now

Social Club costs £15/session, and you can try a trial session for just £10 by using the coupon code Social-Taster-10

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