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Booking FAQs

How much does it cost?

Buy our taster pass, book single sessions, or save money by booking a multi-session pass:

  • £10 per Taster session (for more info, read on)

  • £15-20 per single session

  • Save with our monthly subscription for clubs (coming soon). Rolling contract. Cancel whenever you need.


Course Multi-session Pass

You can buy a multi-session pass to get savings on all our courses and clubs.

  1. Buy your multi session pass here:

    • Buy our £50 pass and get up to £60 of sessions. That's 20% more sessions! With this package you can buy up to three £20 sessions (£16.50 per session) OR four £15 sessions (£12.50 per session)

    • Buy our £95 pass and get up to £120 of session. That's 25% more sessions! With this package you can buy up to six £20 sessions (£16 per session) OR eight £15 sessions (£12 per session)

  2. After purchasing you'll be asked if you'd like to book sessions, you can do so immediately, or use your pass code to book sessions later​. You can also use your pass to buy any mixture of course or club sessions that you'd like!


Can't find session dates or times that work for you?

Leave a message for us in the chat function telling us what course or club you're interested in, and on what day(s) and we'll let you know when we release more dates.

How do your taster sessions work?

You can try out any of our clubs for just £10 by booking a taster session. Parents are welcome to join taster sessions, and young people can choose to take part and interact or just watch and listen. No pressure. Simply sign up for any club session below, using the relevant coupon code:




Can i change or cancel my booking?

We understand that life can be unpredictable and that young people will sometimes be unable to attend sessions if they've had a difficult day. If you can't attend a session then you can use links in your confirmation email to rebook your session. No explanation needed. If your child finds that the course isn't right for them at this time, then we can offer vouchers towards alternative lower-demand sessions, or a gift card for you to pass on to others.

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