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Nottinghamshire Art Club 

A relaxed private club for artistic, creative types supported by Nottinghamshire County Council to hang out, draw or make together.


How it works

A relaxed space for artistic, creative types to hang out, draw or make together. Each week our neurodivergent session leaders set a loose creative brief to inspire the group. After sharing some ideas with each other, we spend time quietly drawing or making. Periodically checking in to see how each others designs are going - but with no pressure to share if we don't want to.

It's a really supportive environment, where we celebrate each others ideas and creativity and share tips on how to super-charge our creations. Perfect for doodlers, crafters and artists, looking for like-minded people, it's also a great space to connect and make friendships. 

Young people can:

- Attend sessions with cameras and mic off
- Just watch, or participate in any way that works for them
- Choose to share their art work, or not - no pressure
- Have parents join with them off-camera if that helps them feel comfortable

- Be safe in knowing that nothing is expected of them, and they can change their m

About the session leader

Mekkin is our resident Uncommon artist and storyteller. She loves dragons, the colour purple, and using her neurodivergent mind to create magical new worlds to explore. There’s only one thing that’s more fun for Mekkin than creating, and that’s creating together with other brilliant neurodivergent brains!

Sign up for free below!

Please note, this session is invite only. So if you've been invited by the Nottinghamshire team, sign up below! If not, then check out our public clubs using the 'clubs' link at the top of the page.

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