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Preparing for Year 7

A 5 day course to help everyone starting a new school in Year 7. From looking at how we can use our strengths in new classes and friendships, to managing anxiety and sensory needs, managing timetables and homework, and asking for help when we need it.


5 x 50 minute sessions

Groups size of 12, on Zoom

Year 6 (moving into Year 7)

No formal diagnosis required to take part


Course Sessions

👍🏼 Session 1: Building confidence
​Our introductory session encourages young people to explore the positive aspects of their neurodivergence and identify their can use their strengths in new subjects, school activities and friendships.

👬 Session 2: Making new friends
​Our second session encourages young people to think about what is important to them in friendships, and the different ways we can show new friends we care. We also discuss how friendships form, and tips on how to find people you really get on with at school!

​😔 Session 3: Managing Stress
​Using a light-touch approach, young people learn more about the science behind stress, develop a greater awareness of how stress shows up for them, and start to brainstorm what they can do if they feel stressed in school.

⏰ Session 4: Planning and organising
​This session makes it simple to understand the differences that can happen in neurodivergent young people’s ability to plan, organise, start tasks, transition tasks, emotionally regulate and track time. Before talking through simple tips on how to get ready in the morning, manage school and homework.

📢 Session 5: Asking for help
​Our final session encourages young people to take everything they’ve learned about their own needs and preferences, and gives them the communication tools to ask for help in their new setting.



Increased confidence in discussing mental health and wellbeing

By breaking down complex topics in easy to understand ways, we empower young people gain a greater understanding of, and advocate for, their own mental health and wellbeing.

Recognise stressors such as anxiety, overwhelm, burnout and isolation

Our sessions are designed to gently promote greater physical and emotional self-awareness in young people, so that they are more easily able to recognise and address common stressors.

Feeling less isolated

By interacting with, and being led by, other neurodivergent individuals, young people are given the opportunity to be around others who think like them and share common challenges and experiences.

The sessions are pitched just right. It was lovely to see him understanding more about his strengths.

Parent of Year 7


Our Approach

🙃 Designed for different learning styles

Learning comes naturally when young people feel at home. That's why we've designed our sessions to be relaxed and welcoming. Whether young people need to stretch, move around, or even fidget, they’re free to do what they need to engage best.

🌈 Neurodivergent led

Each session is run by two neurodivergent facilitators. They lead by example, sharing their own experiences of growing up neurodivergent. We create an environment where being neurodivergent isn't just understood – it's celebrated.

😻 Engaging curriculum

Our sessions are packed with valuable insights about being neurodivergent. We break down complex concepts into simple easy to understand ideas and use visual guides, making learning interactive and fun.

👾 Choose your own interaction

How young people participate is entirely up to them. Keep cameras on or off, share thoughts verbally or in writing, or just sit back and watching. We even offer an anonymous contribution option for those who prefer it.

🥽 Safety first

All of our team members are trained in safeguarding and have their Enhanced DBS Checks done. At the start of our session, we ask for an adult to pop onto the camera for a quick hello - this helps us know an adult is nearby. But don't worry, for our young participants, there's no camera pressure. They can choose to be on or off camera - whatever makes them feel at ease!

👬 Parents, Join us!

While participation isn't mandatory for parents, we love it when parents join in. Feel free to join us and observe, or even interact alongside your young people.

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