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ADHD, Autism, Demand Avoidant, Sensory Processing Differences

📍Personal Journey

Hi, I’m Mekkin! I grew up in sunny California, which is probably why you’ll notice I have an accent! In school, I loved English, History, and Drama. Being part of the theatre program was a blast—I got to be silly, wiggly, and pretend to be other people. But school wasn’t always easy. I often forgot to turn in my work, even when I had done it. P.E. class made me so anxious that I would skip it, almost costing me my high school diploma.

💼 Academic & Professional Experience

University was tough at first because I didn’t understand my neurodivergence. I thought ADHD was just an excuse and didn't realize I was autistic. This led to burnout and dropping out. Eventually, I found a school that let me create my own degree, focusing on what I loved. I earned my B.A. in Media and Storytelling at 26, and now I’m thriving!

Today, I work with Uncommon, perform, and do comedy. Making people laugh is my greatest joy!

😍 Passions

I’m deeply passionate about Dungeons and Dragons, reading (especially fantasy and sci-fi), standup comedy, digital art, and psychology and neurodivergence. As a teen, I was into Shakespeare, dragons, musical theatre, The Sims, and dog training.

📺 Favorite Entertainment 

I enjoy playing Stardew Valley and Baldur's Gate III, watching Parks and Recreation, and listening to the soundtrack of Amelie.

🐈 Animal Lover

I adore all animals, especially cuddly mammals and dragons. I have a dog named Cosmo who lives with my family in California. One day, I dream of helping to raise and train Assistance Dogs.

🎓 Teaching and Passion Areas at Uncommon

I've always been a huge fantasy nerd and loved roleplaying, so Dungeons and Dragons was a natural fit. I started playing a couple of years ago after being inspired by shows like Dimension20 and Critical Role. I dove in, reading everything DnD-related, and creating a DnD world for Uncommon has been a blast!

Growing up, I felt awkward and out of place, worried that people would find me weird. Over time, I learned to be brave, put myself out there, and found solace in meeting other neurodivergent people. Now, I use my experiences to create a welcoming space for other neurodivergent folks at Uncommon. We come together to share interests, play games, and get to know each other, making it a wonderful community where we can all be ourselves.

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