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ADHD, Aphantasia

📍Personal Journey

Hey there, I’m Ollie! I grew up in South-west London. As a kid, I was all about computers, maths, and philosophy. I also tried out a bunch of hobbies like karate, tennis, and piano. But in school, I was often distracted by my friends, and could only focus on my work while I was there. Once I got home, I was glued to my PC!

💼 Academic & Professional Experience

My academic journey wasn’t the smoothest. I failed my A-levels twice and then barely scraped through a BTEC. But I didn’t give up! I went to university in Portsmouth and got a degree in computer science. After that, I even completed a master’s in creative technologies (video games). Now, I’m living my dream of working in the gaming industry.

😍 Passions

I’ve been making games since primary school, and my first console was a Game Boy Advance with Super Mario World. I’m also a big fan of rock climbing because it’s a great workout for both the mind and body!

📺 Favorite Entertainment 

Nowadays, I love all forms of media—music, games, movies, TV shows, and anime.

🐈 Animal Lover

My favorite animals are komodo dragons, seahorses, and anteaters. My Jack Russell, Lily, is always full of energy and ready to play!

🎓 Teaching and Passion Areas at Uncommon

I love that I get to play games with you guys! It does not feel like working because I just have so much fun playing games. Whether it's Minecraft, Roblox or Tabletop Games, you can be sure I'll be happy to be there :)

Having ADHD and aphantasia means my brain works a bit differently, and I love sharing my experiences. Growing up, I often felt isolated because I didn’t understand why I was different. But I found friends online from all over the world. I still speak to many of these friends today and I’ve even had the chance to visit a few of them in their home countries!

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