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Video Production Camp

Aug 6 - Aug 8 I 1-5pm I Ages 10-14

Learn the art of video production, from storyboarding to editing, and create amazing collaborative projects with ND peers.

What to expect

Dreaming of becoming a filmmaker? Join our Video Production Club and turn that dream into reality! Led by experienced mentors, our sessions cover everything from storyboarding to editing, offering hands-on projects and guidance. With opportunities to showcase creations and celebrate achievements, your child will develop confidence and skills in a supportive community.

Everyone joining the camp receives 1-month FREE Community access, including:

- Inspiring sessions with role models

- Taster sessions for Uncommon clubs

- Book and movie nights and creative workshops

How sessions work

Video Production camps runs Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th August. Each day you can:

  • Join your Video Production session from 1-4pm

  • Join a free community session 4-5pm

  • Share ideas, clips and edits in the Uncommon Comunity Club space!

All our sessions are run on Zoom, with participants welcome to have cameras off or on, to watch, message or talk.

We’ll spend the duration of the camp building a project of our choice. Project outputs will always be short videos of 3-5 minutes, with the focus being on developing our ideas and communicating these in a compelling way. All sessions will be guided by our Video Production aficionado, Mivi. During sessions, Mivi will guide participants, teach new technical skills, narrate the group's successes, encourage co-operation, and give hands-on technical support. Participants can also DM (direct message) session leaders if they need one-on-one help.

Day 1 - Ideation: We’ll introduce the project we’ll work on. We’ll discuss what this project means to us and brainstorm ideas for our personal project. We’ll also explore creative techniques for getting our ideas down on paper, from visual mood boards to storyboards and script writing

Day 2 - Filming: We’ll then spend some time talking about filming and capture techniques we could try as we go on to film our project. We will capture all the content we need to start editing.

Day 3 - Editing: We’ll start by talking about how filming went, sharing our favorite clips. We’ll then discuss key editing techniques and demonstrate these in our editing software. Then we’ll start our first rough edit, and plan what to do outside of session to reach a fully edited video!

After Camp ends: You’ll have access to the Uncommon Community for 1 month. For an extra £60, you can also join our weekly Video Product Club to stay in touch with your new buddies.

What you'll need

You'll need:

  • Equipment to film and edit video. We use Capcut (free version) in sessions. You can choose what software you’d like to use!

  • A smartphone for filming and a computer for editing. Ensure it has enough storage for your video projects.

  • If you want to try shooting with a D-SLR (Digital SLR), you can, but it's not required for our work—just if you have one and want to experiment.


Meet your Session Leader

Meet Mivi - she’s super excited to teach editing and filming skills, drawing from her background in film production and television. Despite facing challenges due to ADHD, Dyscalculia, and Demand Avoidance, Mivi persevered and went to university in Bristol to study Film & Television for both her BA and MA. She taught herself to edit when she was 13/14 to start her own YouTube channel!

Now, her job involves editing videos, designing graphics, and running game nights and streams. Join Mivi at our Video Production Camp, where she’ll share her expertise, inspire creativity, and support you in bringing your filming and editing projects to life!

What families say

"'D' engaged really well once the instructors got his imagination going. Today he was able to share his work with the camera on his face - major progress!" 


"My child doesn't always cope well with things like classes as she finds the instruction hard. She really enjoyed this though as she wasn't being told what to do." 


"'M' has acute anxiety and the positive environment was really positive for her" 


Why join?

🎥 Develops technical skills in video production, from filming to editing.

🤝 Encourages collaboration and teamwork as club members work on projects together.

💪 Boosts confidence as club members showcase their creative talents and ideas.

🧠 Stimulates creativity and problem-solving through storytelling and visual expression.

😊 Provides a platform for self-expression and sharing stories in a supportive community.


Video Camp costs £150 and includes:

  • 3 Camp sessions (1-4pm)

  • Access to the Uncommon Community for 1 month including:

    • Free community events, 4-5pm daily (’Get creative socials’, ‘Meet role model session’ and tasters for our Uncommon Clubs)

    • Video Production Camp space where you can chat with friends you've made in camp and share ideas for videos

    • Community challenges and competitions

Optional Extra: For an extra £60 you can also sign-up to our Uncommon Video Club, Tuesdays at 6pm for a month! Once you've purchased your camp place we'll send you a coupon to signup for club meetups!

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