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Uncommon Community

An online space for neurodivergent kids to belong

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This summer we're launching The Uncommon Community, our new online space for kids to belong and a safe place to have fun.

Free Events

Social & Creative Spaces


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What's On

Join Uncommon's online community and free events, including talks from amazing role models, taster sessions and creative workshops

Week 1 (30Jul-1Aug)

🧔🏼 Meet Role Models: Mekkin

📽️ Taster Session: Video Club

📝 Workshop: Creative Writing

Week 2 (6-8Aug)

👩🏼‍🔬 Meet Role Models: Carmen


💬 Taster Session: Social Club


📖 Book / Movie Night

Week 3 (13-15Aug)

🙆🏼‍♂️ Meet Role Models: Elliott


🖌️ Taster Session: Art Club


🌎 Workshop: World Building

Week 4 (20-22Aug)

👩🏼‍🎨 Meet Role Models: Vijay


⛩️ Taster Session: Anime Club


🧟‍♂️ Workshop: Character Creation

  • What free events can i access in the community?
    We are thrilled to announce our exciting lineup of free summer events designed to inspire, engage, and connect neurodivergent kids and teens. These free sessions can help your child to explore new interests, meet peers, and be part of a supportive community. Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store: Every Tuesday from 4:15-5 PM: Role Model Sessions Join us every Tuesday for our inspiring Uncommon Journeys series, where successful neurodivergent young adults share their stories and experiences. These sessions are designed to empower and motivate your child by highlighting how others have embraced their differences, overcome challenges, found their passions, and turned their strengths into success. Every Wednesday from 4:15-5 PM: Taster Sessions Our Taster Sessions are a fantastic way for your child to try out different clubs and courses we offer at Uncommon Minds—for free! Each session provides a taste of the fun and learning they can expect from our full offerings. It’s a perfect opportunity to explore new interests, meet new friends, and experience the vibrant activities we provide. Every Thursday from 4:15-5 PM: ‘Get Creative’ Socials Thursday is all about creativity and connection with our ‘Get Creative’ Socials. These sessions include: Movie Nights: Watch a film together and engage in lively discussions afterward. Book Discussions: Share and discuss favorite book series or explore specific genres. Creative Workshops: Participate in hands-on creative sessions led by our inspiring role models, session leaders, or talented members.!
  • How do i signup?
    The community is a secure space, so to signup to a monthly subscription and join the community you’ll need to go through a 4-step process where we gather the information we need for safeguarding purposes and complete a verification call. This can take 1-5 days, depending mainly on how quickly the verification call is complete. You can start this process click the link below which will take you to step 1 of this 4-step process. Step 1: Tell us what club you’d like to subscribe to Step 2: Share your personal details and i.d we need for safeguarding Step 3: Complete a video verification call Step 4: Pay for your subscription and join the community space
  • What is the Uncommon Community?
    The Uncommon Community is our new online space for kids to belong and a safe place to have fun. From July all Club members signing up to a monthly subscription will get FREE access to the Uncommon Community. The Uncommon Community has two types of spaces. Open spaces which are accessible to all, and closed private spaces for clubs, courses and camps. 🔐 In private spaces you’re be able to: Join weekly club meetups Chat with clubmates Take part in club polls and quizzes Access club resources Contact club leaders Join private servers and voice channels (gaming clubs only) Whilst in open community spaces you’ll be able to access: 📅 Free events: Role Model Talks: Led by inspiring neurodivergent young adults Creative workshops: From creative writing, to world building Taster Sessions: A chance to explore and try our various clubs Socials: Casual meetups, such as film nights and book club Peer-Led Sessions: Led by fellow community members 💬 Social and creative spaces: Community Chat: For regular updates and announcements Community Challenges: Fun and engaging monthly challenges Creative Work Sharing: Showcasing member's creative work Polls and Discussions: On topics from passions to ND life 📚 Extra resources: Member Spotlights: Highlighting achievements and stories of our members, and celebrating challenge winners Resource Space: Access to a collection of helpful and fun videos 👨‍👧‍👦 Parent space: Parent Chat: To connect, share, and support one-another Parent Resources: To support parents in their journey The Uncommon newsletter: See community highlights and celebrate our brilliant Uncommon members
  • How do we keep kids safe in the community?
    We're committed to making the Uncommon community a safe and secure space. Where you can relax in the knowledge that your young people are able to make friends, and have fun without the risks associated with unsupported online spaces. That's why we: Require all community members to go through a member verification process, so we know exactly who's in the community Have a team of experienced neurodivergent community moderators able to support our community members Have created private club, course and camp spaces in the community, so that t(w)eens can build friendships in small supportive spaces, overseen by club leaders Run regular meetups for our club, course and camp members, all led by experienced neurodivergent facilitators who provide the structure and support that our young people sometimes need to build their confidence or help them find friendships Don't allow private messaging between young people, but instead create small chat spaces where young people know each other and feel safe talking openly Require members to subscribe to the community, so that young people can build friendships knowing that their new friends will regularly return to the community space Have our Uncommon Community Code of Conduct which guides how Uncommon, our Uncommoners and their parents should be kind, be safe and be respectful in the community
  • What's in my club space on the community?
    Through your club space in the community you can: Join your weekly club meet-ups led by ND facilitators Access our club guide, including all the information you need to get setup Stay up to date with club news and challenges on our club message board where we’ll set challenges, announce what we’ll do in sessions, and you can vote on what you’d like to do/play each week Chat to clubmates in our private chat channel Watch tutorials and access to club resources in our club resource space Catch up club sessions from previous weeks by watching session videos (excluding gaming clubs) And for gaming club members we provide access to: Uncommon private servers, so you can your t(w)eens can game in a secure child-only space Access our private voice channels so you child can chat safely game with clubmates as they take on their next gaming adventure
  • How much does it cost?
    Our community operates on a subscription model. There are 3 ways to get access to the community. 🥰 Community subscription: Pay £25 per month and get full access to community features and free events. 📖 Course or camp enrolment: Sign up to any of our courses or Summer camps and you’ll get FREE access to the community for the duration of your course or Summer Camp. Plus access to your private course or camp space. Follow these links to sign up for camps or courses. 🥳 Club Subscription: Sign up to any monthly club subscription and get FREE access to the Uncommon Community. Plus access to your private club space. Clubs range from £40-90/month. Learn more about club subscription prices by following the link below. Follow this link to learn more about subscription prices and to start your signup process.
  • Why join the Community?
    🧒🏼 For Kids A safe space to unwind, have fun, and recharge Opportunities to discover new interests, build leadership skills, and connect with peers A supportive environment that celebrates individual strengths and fosters personal growth 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 For Parents: Peace of mind knowing your child is in a neuro-affirming environment Transparent communication and regular updates on community activities Resources to help you reinforce what your child learns and support their well-being Join us and become part of a community that values and supports neurodivergent kids and their families. Together, we can create a space where everyone feels valued, included, and empowered to be their best selves.
  • Enhanced Self-Esteem
    Knowledge is power. By understanding their unique strengths and challenges, teens build self-awareness and confidence.
  • Knowledge Empowers
    Armed with knowledge, teens can navigate their world more confidently, make informed decisions about their lives, and gain control and autonomy.
  • Reduced Anxiety
    Improvded understanding of neurodivergent traits can help teens navigate daily life, social interactions and academic challenges, and become less anxious.
  • Validation and Understanding
    Engaging with peers with similar challenges validates teens experiences, creates a sense of camaraderie and reducing feelings of isolation.
  • Increased Self-Acceptance
    Being in a space with similar peers helps teens embrace their unique identities with pride, leading to increased self-acceptance and resilience.
  • Improved Social Confidence
    Interacting with supportive peers helps teens develop their own unique approach to friendships and communication and builds social confidence.
  • 👀 Session 4: Sensory Differences
    Young people explore how they take in and process sensory information, and what that means about their own unique needs and preferences, and how they can adopt tools and techniques to feel more comfortable in educational and social environments and out-and-about.
  • 😔 Session 3: Managing Stress
    Using a light-touch approach, young people learn more about the science behind stress and social anxiety, develop a greater awareness of how stress shows up for them, and start to brainstorm what they can do about it.​
  • 👍🏼 Session 1: Building confidence
    Our introductory session encourages young people to explore the positive aspects of their neurodivergence and identify their own unique strengths.
  • ⏰ Session 5: Understanding Executive Functioning
    This session explores the differences in neurodivergent young people’s ability to plan, organise, start tasks, transition tasks, emotionally regulate and track time. We then explore how to find unique solutions that work for us, and talk about how we can talk to friends and family about our needs.
  • 👬 Session 2: Navigating Friendships
    This session encourages young people to think about what makes a good friend, focusing on the huge strengths that our neurodivergent traits can bring. We then explore the different ways we can show our friends that we care and how we can let our friends know what makes us feel cared for.
  • 📢 Session 6: Communicating My Needs
    Our final session encourages young people to take everything they’ve learned about their own needs and preferences, and gives them the communication tools to more effectively advocate for themselves.
  • Can't find session dates or times that work for you?
    Leave a message in our chat function with your preferred course or club and days. We'll notify you when new dates are available.
  • How does a multi-session pass work?
    After purchasing your pass, you can book sessions immediately or use your pass code to book later. Buy your multi session pass here: Buy a 3-session pass​​ Buy a 6-session pass
  • Can I change or cancel my booking?
    Yes, you can rebook your session using the links in your confirmation email. We understand that life can be unpredictable and that young people will sometimes be unable to attend sessions if they've had a difficult day. If you can't attend a session then you can use links in your confirmation email to rebook your session. No explanation needed. If your child finds that the course isn't right for them at this time, then we can offer vouchers towards alternative lower-demand sessions, or a gift card for you to pass on to others.
  • Don't see dates or times that work for you?
    Sign up to our mailing list and we'll be releasing more dates on other weeknights, and holiday intensives too.
  • What sessions should I book?
    We recommend signing up for the full six week course, which covers all the topics young people need a grasp of to understand their unique brains. Or you can pick and mix sessions that fit your needs.
  • Signing up for a Holiday Course?
    Book the appropriate holiday course package listed below under 'buy now' and then book onto the 6 sessions of your holiday course.
  • Can't find session dates or times that work for you?
    Leave a message for us in the chat function telling us what course or club you're interested in, and on what day(s) and we'll let you know when we release more dates.
  • Can i change or cancel my booking?
    We understand that life can be unpredictable and that young people will sometimes be unable to attend sessions if they've had a difficult day. If you can't attend a session then you can use links in your confirmation email to rebook your session. No explanation needed. If your child finds that the course isn't right for them at this time, then we can offer vouchers towards alternative lower-demand sessions, or a gift card for you to pass on to others.
  • How much does it cost?
    Buy our taster pass, book single sessions, or save money by booking a multi-session pass: £10 per Taster session (for more info, read on) £15-20 per single session Save with our monthly subscription for clubs (coming soon). Rolling contract. Cancel whenever you need.
  • Course Multi-session Pass
    You can buy a multi-session pass to get savings on all our courses and clubs. 1. Buy your multi session pass here: Buy our £50 pass and get up to £60 of sessions. That's 20% more sessions! With this package you can buy up to three £20 sessions (£16.50 per session) OR four £15 sessions (£12.50 per session) Buy our £95 pass and get up to £120 of session. That's 25% more sessions! With this package you can buy up to six £20 sessions (£16 per session) OR eight £15 sessions (£12 per session) 2. After purchasing you'll be asked if you'd like to book sessions, you can do so immediately, or use your pass code to book sessions later​. You can also use your pass to buy any mixture of course or club sessions that you'd like!
  • How do your taster sessions work?
    You can try out any of our clubs for just £10 by booking a taster session. Parents are welcome to join taster sessions, and young people can choose to take part and interact or just watch and listen. No pressure. Simply sign up for any club session below, using the relevant coupon code: GAMING-TASTER-10 SOCIAL-TASTER-10 ART-TASTER-10

Why Join?

Interested in our 3-day summer camps, including Minecraft, DnD and Games Design or Video for gaming and streaming?

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