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DnD Camp

Aug 6 - Aug 8 I 1-5pm I Ages 11-14

Explore new worlds with fellow Dungeons and Dragons gamers.

What to expect

Join us for a fresh new Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) campaign adventure spread over three days! Hosted by our experienced and beloved Game Master Mekkin, these sessions are specially designed for Uncommon minds and are open to any level of experience. Players will embark on epic adventures in magical new places, working together as part of a team to solve problems, defeat enemies, and make the world a better place for Uncommon minds.

Everyone joining the camp receives 1-month FREE Community access, including:

- Inspiring sessions with role models

- Taster sessions for Uncommon clubs

- Book and movie nights and creative workshops

- Optional extra: Join Uncommon 90 minute DnD Club night, 6pm Tuesdays or Thursdays (extra charge)

How sessions work

D&D Camp runs from Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th August. Each day you can:

  • Join your D&D session from 1-4pm.

  • Join a free community session from 4-5pm.

  • Share ideas, strategies, and stories in the Uncommon Community Club space!

All our sessions are run on Zoom, with participants welcome to have cameras off or on, to watch, message, or talk.

We’ll spend the duration of the camp embarking on a new campaign adventure. Each session will be guided by our expert Dungeon Master, Mekkin, who will narrate the story, control the non-player characters, and create an engaging and inclusive experience for all players.

Day 1 - Character Creation and Story Introduction:

  • We’ll introduce the new campaign and its setting.

  • Create and finalize our characters, discussing their backgrounds and abilities.

  • Start our adventure with the first chapter of our campaign.

Day 2 - Adventure and Problem-Solving:

  • Dive deeper into the campaign, exploring new locations and facing challenges.

  • Work as a team to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

  • Engage in combat and strategic thinking to defeat enemies.

Day 3 - Epic Conclusion:

  • Continue the adventure, bringing the story to its climax.

  • Make critical decisions that will shape the outcome of the campaign.

  • Conclude the adventure with a thrilling finale and celebrate our achievements.

After Camp Ends:

  • You’ll have access to the Uncommon Community for one month. For an extra £60, you can also join our weekly DnD Club to stay in touch with your new D&D buddies.

What you'll need

You'll need to:

  • Sign up for a DnD Beyond Account (free)

You'll also need to complete an induction before your first session, where we'll bring you up to speed with our current adventure, get you setup with your character and get your DnD Beyond account all ready for play. To arrange an induction email


Meet your Session Leader

Meet Mekkin, our beloved game master and Uncommon artist, known for her love of dragons and the color purple. Mekkin’s unique storytelling brings each adventure to life, ensuring creativity knows no bounds in our D&D Camp. Deeply passionate about Dungeons and Dragons, reading (especially fantasy and sci-fi), standup comedy, digital art, and psychology and neurodivergence, Mekkin started playing D&D a couple of years ago after being inspired by shows like Dimension20 and Critical Role.

Mekkin has a blast creating D&D worlds for Uncommon! Today, Mekkin works with Uncommon, performs, and does comedy.

Making people laugh is her greatest joy!

What families say

"The Uncommon Team do a phenomenal job of keeping the sessions fun, adapting to the varying needs (and whims!) of the participants and providing just the right level of support." 


"I didn’t really know what to expect but it was lovely hearing J laughing and talking to others" 


"The environment Uncommon creates seems to make all the kids feel like a bonded group really quickly and they are keen to help and support one another as a result. It is so wonderful to see, especially as many of our kids probably struggle with similar peer interactions day to day. Thanks Uncommon Team!" 


"I wasn’t sure if my daughter would engage or would enjoy it and she did both, so that was very positive!" 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Why join?

🐉 Sparks imagination and creativity through interactive storytelling and role-playing adventures.

🤝 Fosters friendships and teamwork as club members embark on epic quests and overcome challenges together.

💪 Boosts confidence and self-esteem as club members take on roles, make decisions, and solve problems in a supportive environment.

🧠Enhances critical thinking and decision-making skills through strategic planning and character development.

😊 Provides a welcoming and inclusive community where neurodivergent young people can unleash their imagination and share memorable adventures with friends.


DnD Camp costs £150 and includes:

  • 3 Camp sessions (1-4pm)

  • Access to the Uncommon Community for 1 month including:

    • Free community events, 4-5pm daily (’Get creative socials’, ‘Meet role model session’ and tasters for our Uncommon Clubs)

    • DnD Camp space where you can chat with friends you've made in camp and share ideas for your campaigns

    • Community challenges and competitions

Optional Extra: For an extra £60 you can also sign-up to our Uncommon DnD Club, Tuesdays or Thursdays at 6pm for a month! Once you've purchased your camp place we'll send you a coupon to signup for club meetups!

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