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Understanding My Brain Camp

Jul 30 - Aug 1 I 1-5pm I Ages 9-13

Help your teen understand their unique strengths and navigate their challenges

What to expect

Join our Understanding My Brain Camp, specially designed to help neurodivergent individuals discover their strengths, navigate friendships, manage stress, and understand their sensory and executive functioning differences. Led by experienced mentors, our sessions offer hands-on guidance and supportive discussions to build confidence and self-awareness.

Everyone joining the camp receives 1-month FREE Community access, including:

- Inspiring sessions with role models

- Taster sessions for Uncommon clubs

- Book and movie nights and creative workshops

We're running taster sessions on Wednesday 17th and 24th. To book visit:

How sessions work

Understanding My Brain (UMB) Camp runs from Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th. Each day you can:

  • Join your UMB session from 1-4pm.

  • Join a free community session from 4-5pm.

All our sessions are run on Zoom, with participants welcome to have cameras off or on, to watch, message, or talk.

We’ll spend the duration of the camp engaging in interactive activities and discussions, focusing on different aspects of neurodivergence and self-understanding. Each session is designed to provide practical skills and insights to help participants thrive in various aspects of their lives. All sessions will be guided by our experienced mentors, who will provide hands-on guidance and support throughout the camp.

Day 1:

Session 1: Building Confidence

  • Discover the awesome parts of being neurodivergent and find your unique strengths. Our mentors will guide activities to boost self-confidence and self-awareness, helping you feel ready for secondary school.

Social time: 30 minute fun session of structured games

Session 2: Navigating Friendships

  • Learn what makes a good friend and how to show you care, and feel cared for, in new friendships. Our mentors will provide tips and techniques for building and maintaining healthy relationships in a new school environment.

Day 2:

Session 3: Managing Stress

  • Understand the science behind stress and social anxiety, and get tips on how to handle them. Our mentors will share practical strategies for managing stress, especially in new and unfamiliar situations.

Social time: 30 minute fun session of structured games

Session 4: Sensory Differences

  • Learn how you process sensory information and find tools to feel comfortable in different places. Our mentors will introduce sensory-friendly techniques and tools to help you adapt to the new school environment.

Day 3:

Session 5: Understanding Executive Functioning

  • Learn about planning, organizing, starting tasks, and managing emotions, and find solutions that work for you. Our mentors will guide activities to improve executive functioning skills, essential for managing secondary school responsibilities.

Social time: 30 minute fun session of structured games

Session 6: Communicating My Needs

  • Develop the skills to communicate your needs effectively and advocate for yourself. Our mentors will provide tools and techniques for self-advocacy and effective communication, helping you navigate your new school with confidence.

After camp ends

For young people and families who would like additional support we will run an 8-week Transition Social Club (optional extra, see pricing below). Kids will meet weekly, in a fun safe space where we use structured activities to continue to build friendships, whilst sharing experiences of moving to a new school. This is a space to unmask, decompress and ‘recharge’ after school. The club also provides an alternative friendship group which has been shown to improve wellbeing and resilience - crucial for a successful transition.

What you'll need

You'll need:

  • A device with Zoom installed for joining sessions.

  • A notebook or digital device for taking notes and completing activities.


Meet your Session Leader

Meet Mekin… Mekkin’s personal journey through school and university was filled with both challenges and triumphs. She loved subjects like English, History, and Drama but struggled with tasks like turning in work and participating in P.E. class due to anxiety. University posed its own difficulties until she understood her neurodivergence better, leading to her earning a B.A. in Media and Storytelling and discovering her true strengths.

Today, Mekkin works with Uncommon, performs, and does comedy, finding joy in making people laugh. She is deeply passionate about psychology and neurodivergence, helping others navigate their unique experiences. Mekkin uses her experiences to create a welcoming space for neurodivergent individuals at Uncommon, where they can share interests, play games, and connect in a supportive community.

Join Mekkin at the Understanding My Brain Camp and embark on a journey of self-discovery, confidence-building, and learning practical skills to thrive in various aspects of life!

What families say

Her favourite part of the first session was the realisation that there are others experiencing school and life in a very similar way to her. She loves the way you use the app to elicit anonymous answers, and the fact that she doesn't have to speak or put the camera on.

Parent of anxious autistic teen (12)

Presenters are lovely and put tricky information in easy to understand ways. I like that they shared information on their own struggles as that really makes the discussion feel relevants

Parent of tween (10)

I liked the way that the Uncommon team were able to discuss things with each other, and the young people however they chose to engage. So that it felt like an interactive session even when not everyone was actively taking part. 

Parent of Autistic and ADHD teen (12)

My favourite parts are when people have been agreeing with each other in the chats and have had similar situations with each other. It makes me feel like im not different and alone in everything.

Neurodivergent teen (14)

Why join?

Our Understanding My Brain Camp is perfect for neurodivergent tweens and teens seeking to understand their unique minds. Through interactive sessions, members will gain valuable insights, build self-esteem, and connect with peers who share similar experiences.


Understanding My Brain Camp costs £150 and includes:

  • 3 Camp sessions (1-4pm)

  • Access to the Uncommon Community for 1 month including:

    • Free community events, 4-5pm daily (’Get creative socials’, ‘Meet role model session’ and tasters for our Uncommon Clubs)

    • Understanding My Brain Camp space where you can chat with friends you've made in camp

    • Community challenges and competitions

Optional Extra: For an extra £95 you can also sign-up for Camp social club which will run for 8 weeks during September and October. Camp Social Club is a safe space where we use fun, structured activities to socialise and share our experiences Once you've purchased your camp place we'll send you a coupon to signup for Camp social club!

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