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We're looking forward to meeting you!

Please complete this onboarding
before your session

In order for us to best support your child its useful for us to understand their needs.

Any information you provide is completely confidential,and will be used to ensure we provide the best support possible.

1. About your child

What are your child’s pronouns? Tick all that apply

2. Your child's needs

How would you describe your child? Tick all that apply
What best describes your child’s school situation? Tick all that apply
What are your hopes for the sessions for your child?

How would you rate your child for the
following things


A) Understanding of their NeuroDivergence and how it impacts them
B) Understanding of anxiety and how to recognise and manage it
C) Self-acceptance
D) Feeling connection to other people their age
E) Confidence that there are other people who have had a similar experince to them who are now thriving

3. Supporting you

Do you have any support networks in place as a parent?
How could we support you in the future?

4. User safeguarding

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